Rock and Roll artist Matt Whipkey spoke to National Country Review about his career and upcoming performance with Dwight Yoakam at the historic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, Matt Whipkey has brought a touch of Jersey to the Plains with a voice and character resembling Bruce Springsteen. He grew up inspired by artists such as Nirvana, and has had a passion for music ever since he can remember. Kurt Cobain “made kids feel like they could do it… like they could play in a band, they could play guitar,” said Whipkey. Pursuing that passion Whipkey has released an array of songs and albums winning him Artist of the Year and Album of the Year (Penny Park: Omaha, NE: Summer 1989) at the 2013 Omaha Arts and Entertainment Awards. His latest album Underwater (2015) has also gained buzzed as it paves the way for Whipkey’s summer show lineup.

His passion for music also branches from his performances to a personal relationship with the next generation of artists. Whipkey works to make an engaging performance for every audience member and has been described by critics and connoisseurs such as Tim McMahan as “a throwback to a simpler time”, “an ultimate stage performer” and an artist “born for an arena, whether he makes it there or not”. Taking his love of music off the stage, Whipkey also offers lessons in hopes of making an even bigger difference in the music industry.

On May 29, Whipkey will be opening for renowned country artist Dwight Yoakam. As he prepares for one of his biggest performances yet, he spoke to National Country Review about how he has found success as an artist and his aspirations to travel and do more shows such as his upcoming one as the Surf Ballroom.

Interview with Matt Whipkey:

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