Hello, again! This week’s Friday Five is something a little special for you, with a fully spring-themed playlist. With this week having been the first official week of spring, we figured we… er… you deserved it.

1. “Spring Break-Up” by Luke Bryan
Maybe you’re going on Spring Break next week, maybe you went last week, or maybe it was several years ago since your last Florida vacation, but Luke Bryan’s upbeat “Spring Break-Up” tune is still a fun wordplay no matter how attached to sunshine and beaches you are.

Luke Bryan
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2. “Great Day to Be Alive” by Travis Tritt
With the sun making slightly more regular appearances, the weather rising above arctic temperatures, and birds chirping outside, it really is a great day to be alive.

Travis Tritt
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3. “Springsteen” by Eric Church
SPRING-steen? See what we did there?

Eric Church
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4. “Willow Tree” by Michaela Anne
Okay, it may not be your typical springtime song, but there’s something about the image of time passing under a willow tree that’s just so perfectly not winter, we’re going to allow the exception to the rule. Not to mention Michaela Anne is an incredible up and coming artist who’s smooth, airy Americana/Country sound deserves a place on every playlist.

Michaela Anne
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5. “Springtime in Alberta” by Ian Tyson
Here’s an oldie that we bet nobody’s heard in a decade or two. Sometimes the only song that can end a playlist on a classic note is a country voice from the 90s. For that, Ian Tyson, we thank you.

Ian Tyson
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Photo credit: Chuck Marshall


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