Happy weekend, National Country Review readers. This week’s Friday Five is dedicated to a variety of up and coming country artists, take a listen and see if you find something you like.

1. Man I’m Supposed to Be by American Aquarium
This slower song’s wispy vocals are mellow and beautiful, and perfectly match the instrumental background. “Nobody’s ever called me a good man, and that’s alright by me, just as long as you call me your man,” is gently sung by lead singer, BJ Barham, leaving listeners feeling the bitter sweetness of life.

American Aquarium
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2. Angel of Mine by Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons
An Alt-Country band led by Midwest-raised singer, Cory Chisel, offers up this upbeat song on their Death Won’t Leave a Letter album.

Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons
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3. Mine Looks Like You by Josh Dorr
Josh’s voice captures the modernized country sound without losing the classic country twang. Could he be the next Luke Bryan? Time will tell, but we think he’s got what it takes.

Josh Dorr
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4. Cottonmouth by Leith Loftin
Although Leith Loftin is still a lesser known artist, we believe he deserves some serious credit and press. A sweetheart in his commentary on press coverage and social media, Leith’s music is raw with interesting lyrics, a smooth country tone, and rhythmic guitar.

Leith Loftin
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5. Broken Windshield View by Chris Lane
Another new artist in the modern country genre, though the country song about small towns has been done time and time again, we like Chris’s take on it, “From a broken windshield view,” in this track.

Chris Lane
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Photo credit: Chuck Marshall