Darius Rucker brings some of his musical friends to Grand Rapids to join him on his 2015 Southern Style tour.

On this Thursday night in Grand Rapids, people flock into the Van Andel Arena to witness Darius and his friends on one of the final stops of his tour.

Shortly after the doors open and the crowds gets seated, the show begins with A Thousand Horses taking the stage. The band enters with their song “Landslide,” before launching into a song based on their childhood upbringing, “Southernality.” The song is also the title track to their first full-length album released in June 2015 with Republic Nashville.

A Thousand Horses is a southern rock/country band made up of Michael Hobby (vocals), Bill Satcher (lead guitar), Zach Brown (guitar and vocals), and Graham Deloach (bass and vocals).

To finish out their setlist for the evening, the boys jumped into their current single, “Drunk Dial,” before ending with their award-winning debut single, “Smoke.”

David Nail starts with “I’m A Fire,” from his album of the same name that released in March 2014. He later added another of his hit songs, “Red Light.”

David takes a moment in his show to introduce the next song, which is the title track to his upcoming album. David tells the crowd about his and his wife’s complications with trying to get pregnant, and how they finally gave up on the thoughts of being able to become parents and having children of their own. Suddenly, all of a sudden, they found out they were expecting a child. Just recently, they were informed they are expecting twins, a boy and a girl. This song has become more personal and now has a different meaning to the words than when he wrote it seven years ago. The song is titled, “Fighter.”

The 2011 single, “Let It Rain,” ends David’s show on this evening.

When the lights come up and the large curtain hiding the stage opens, the screaming crowd sees Darius Rucker rise up through the back of the stage as he sings “Lighter Up.” The crowds welcoms Darius by raising their phones with flashlights on, waving them as they appeared to be a sea of light.

Singing songs from his current album, Southern Style, released in March of 2015, and his three previous country albums, Learn To Live (2008), Charleston, SC 1966 (2010), and True Believers (2013), the crowd also gets a glimpse of old, as Darius went back in time to his pre-crossover rock days of Hootie And The Blowfish. He performs “Time,” “Let Her Cry,” “Only Wanna Be With You” along with “Hold My Hand,” in which he calls A Thousand Horses and David Nail back to the stage to help sing with him.

As a video of his family plays on the large video screens, Darius and his band travel to the end of the stage runway to play “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” to the crowd at the back of the arena.

Upon returning to the stage, the band softly stars playing a song from the ages, as Darius jokingly introduced it as “for everyone over 37.” When the band’s volume increases, the crowd breaks out into laughter as they cheer, before helping Darius with the singing of “East Bound and Down.”

The band ends their set with “Homegrown Honey.”

Darius along with his band are cheered back to the stage for an encore. Darius wants to share a personal song that he wrote a few years back, “So I Sang,” that was dedicated to his mother.

The evening comes to a close with the playing of the crowd favorite, “Wagon Wheel,” from his True Believers album.

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