Michaela Anne, an up and coming alternative country artist, blends folky vocals with a musical sound that can only be described as gospel country meets indie rock to create a genre all her own.

Michaela Anne, a young up and comer on the alt-country music scene, is breaking new ground by combining notes of bluegrass, country, and folk music into one beautifully complex musical sound. Currently, Michaela has settled in Brooklyn but was raised as an all-American military child, moving from base to base across the country.

Much of Michaela’s music is inspired by her history as a young woman growing up and finding herself in America, which makes for some very interesting and lyrically compelling songs, such as “Is This What Mama Meant?” off of her album, Ease My Mind, where Michaela sings, “It’s hard for me and you, but that don’t make our love untrue. Is this what mama meant?”

Michaela has successfully recorded two albums, Ease My Mind and To Know Where, both of which are available on iTunes and her website. It’s refreshing to hear a vocal sound from a new country artist that is as pure and clear as Michaela’s is, and combined with her stellar songwriting and overall music quality, she is sure to go places.

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