This album delivers everything you could want in an album; foot stomping, the sound of steel guitar, and a touch of Zydeco. It is pure Americana.

There is much to savor and enjoy with latest release from Cory Branan, The No-Hit Wonder. With songs that span from love won and lost, to drinking fine whiskey, there is something here for anyone that enjoys great stories set to music.

The No-Hit Wonder opens up with the upbeat happiness of You Make Me. A love song that makes you grin without being sugary sweet. In The No-Hit Wonder you can explore Cory’s dusty vocals as you ride the chugging syncopation. The long hard road of a musician is summed up in the line “blood to string”. The No-Hit Wonder made me think of so many struggling artists who keep putting the hammer to the stone.

With a playful sense of humor, The Only One tells a tale of love lost. You can’t help but chuckle when you hear lines like “I sprayed our names across the bridge, so the whole damn town would know. That bridge is gone, but some recall whats-his-face heart so-and-so”.

Rolling guitar runs punctuate Sour Mash; an ode to the gift of pure Tennessee whiskey. You’ll want to raise a glass, stomp your feet, and sing along to this one. The string bass pops making the sweet guitar solo even sweeter.

One of my favorite songs on this album is C’mon Shadow. It is at once is somber, yet strangely uplifting. The ukulele is a great touch adding warmth. You’re never really alone as long as you have your shadow. This is a fine piece of song writing from end to end.

Missing You Fierce is probably the most commercial sounding of the songs on this release. However it is another example of how Cory Branan creates compelling music that resonates within.

Oozing with the spirit of Tom Waits drifting through a gypsy dream, All I Got and Gone transports you to a scene of loss. There is a ton of imagery in the magnificent lyrics. The drawn out slide is a fitting end to this song.

Wonderful pedal steel makes All The Rivers In Colorado shine. Its great how Cory makes a song about losing your love sound happy. If you weren’t paying attention to the lyrics, you’d think this was a song to dance your cares away.

A jumping tune with a zydeco buzz, Daddy Was a Skywriter made me think of Merle Haggard and Dr. John had gotten together to put pen to paper. There is some great guitar playing on this song as well.

The Highway Home starts off stripped down and raw, and then carries you down the road home. I can smell sweet magnolias as the wonderful pedal steel whisks me away.

Finger picked beauty sounds deceptively simple in The Meantime Blues. A quiet and thoughtful song, it puts a bow on a marvelous package of music from Cory Branan.

The No-Hit Wonder by Cory Branan is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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