Sam Riggs and the Night People is a fantastic band with a new album out, Outrun the Sun.

Sam Riggs and the Night People were formed in 2012. What seem to have been a group of guys who just happened to be musically inclined, quickly became a brotherhood comprised of Chad Camp, Dustin Williams, Jarrett Bostick, Matt Renard, and Jeb Hurt. The band has shared many unforgettable moments with each other, including the fairly recent release of their album Outrun the Sun.

The album shows a new talent for country music. It was released Oct 29, 2013, from Vision Entertainment located in Nashville. The album was recorded at The Panhandle House in Denton, Texas, and featured 11 tracks. Some of the songs included Come Back Down, and Hold On and Let Go.

Come Back Down is a great song. It really speaks to the title of the song, and his voice comes across as passionate both on the surface and on a deeper level. Listeners will truly be able to recognize that he is connected to his music. His lyrics describes how he will always catch this woman when she comes back down, a sweet but simple concept that makes for great material.

Hold On and Let Go also has a message that correlates with the song title. He describes how he doesn’t understand why he can’t get it right with a woman but he still wants to hold on to this woman and not let go. Yet again, these lyrics are beautiful in their simplicity, and are incredibly relatable for any listener.

The band is on tour and could be coming to a city near you, so check them out!


Sam Riggs: “Hold On And Let Go” (Official Video)

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