Canadian Lee Palmer’s latest release is an easy going country with hints of blues, rock, and more.

Like Elway by artist Lee Palmer is technically classified as a country/roots album, but it’s much more than that. The album has blues, jazz, swing, and rock elements, making it a dynamic album with something for everyone. Opener “Rockin’ this Chair” is the closest Lee Palmer gets to a country song, even while incorporating accordion. The title song “Like Elway” is a burning blues song. “Maybe That’s Why” is more of a Spanish love song than a country slow jam with it’s intricate guitar picking. The other six songs on the album are slow burning jams that could either rock you to sleep or get you up and dancing, depending on the mood you’re in.

LeePalmer-LikeElway-AlbumArtworkPalmer incorporates many instruments in Like Elway, including harmonica, violin, and accordion. The diversity of instruments could be a correlation to Palmer’s He grew up on Canada’s Eastern coast in New Brunswick. He learned to play country music during a six-week tour of bars and small venues in British Columbia, at the other end of the country. Palmer then found his way to Toronto where he has since integrated himself into the local country scene and released a number of singles in the 90’s. During a decade-long break from performing, Palmer even started up a marketing company.

Lee Palmer is a veteran of the industry with a voice so smooth it would be a disservice to not layer vocals in at every opportunity. He’s a great writer and doesn’t worry too much about rhyming and tells it straight up. Beneath his vocals are strong guitar riffs and classy piano, smooth drums and solid bass.

Palmer knows what he’s doing, so listen and you might learn a thing or two about country, blues, and every genre in-between.

 Lee Palmer
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