Grandpa’s Guitar by Whitey Morgan takes you back to the roots of country music with a heart-felt tribute to his grandfather.

In celebration of the gift of music, Whitey Morgan pays tribute to his grandfather William on the album, Grandpa’s Guitar. This collection of 11 songs is whittled down to the marrow of country music through simple arrangements of acoustic guitar, fiddle, and a splash of steel guitar.

The album opens up with “You’re Still On My Mind” by George Jones. Whitey exudes melancholy with each verse and molds this song to fit his own unique style. Whitey slows down the traditional bluegrass gospel, “White Dove,” which was most famously recorded by the Stanley Brothers. This rendition is laid bare with the simple chord strumming accented and harmonized by the fiddle.

“Grandpa’s Guitar” is one of two original songs on the album. The song tells the tale of Whitey’s introduction to country music through his grandfather’s guitar. The haunting and sweetly mournful steel guitar captures the loss of his grandfather. This song relays the sense of honor at having been given the opportunity to share music with your ancestor and also the depth of loss at their passing.

The songs of Waylon Jennings are perfectly fitting for Whitey Morgan’s deep and resonating voice. His covers of “Just to Satisfy You” and “If You Could Touch Her at All” dial the tempo down, but retain the classic character of the music. Morgan provides equal justice to “I’ll Leave The Bottle at The Bar” and “Today I Started Loving You Again” originally by Merle Haggard. Country music fans will enjoy these offerings as they capture the depth of Haggard’s song writing and let Whitey add his own spin.

The covers of “Dead Flowers” by the Rolling Stones and “Highway Patrolman” by Bruce Springsteen explore the range in country and Americana influences that inspired Whitey Morgan. While they are not your typical country songs, they capture the art of storytelling with a southern flair that makes country music appealing.

The real treat on this album is hearing Whitey Morgan on the song, “I Know You,” which is an old time bluegrass number Jimmy Martin recorded with the Sunny Mountain Boys in 1964. The raw recording combined with Morgan’s voice let you feel the mountain soul that lives within country and bluegrass music. What a great way to wrap up a fine collection of country music.


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