Reality TV leads to Real Success for Adley Stump

Adley Stump appeared on NBC’s The Voice and had been able to do what many reality tv stars have not;, continue to find success. On May 2015, National Country Review interviewed Stump in her office in Nashville.

Since then, her projects like “Stay at Home Soldier” and her book “How they Sell Music” have drawn attention from others in the music industry.

Adley is set to launch her first single for national radio play, getting ready to tour and play major festivals. Listeners get a chance to hear the thought process of picking that one song that will best capture a future audience.

She shows no sign of slowing down from her first interview. Stump talks with NCR about how her career continues to grow. Recently awarded The 2016 Grammy Amplifier Award for Rising Country Artist, Adley Stump is humble and focused on the future years from now.

Interview with Adley Stump:

Adley Stump
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