As the band prepares for tour dates overseas, their lead vocalist takes time to discuss the band, their music, and the formula to their success.

Rio and The Rockabilly Revival are at Detroit-based rockabilly band, known for their high energy performance and throwback groove sound. At the center of that is Rio Scafone, the voice of the band responsible for both the powerful vocals and sultry crooning. Over the past few years, Rio and company have been racking up accolades and new material as they push forward toward a potential breakout on the national stage.

Their latest album, Testify, was released earlier this year. The album is made up of a variety of styles and sounds, demonstrating he bands depth and flexibility. The title track for the album is a great example of Scafone’s vocal talent, highlighting both her power and emotion.

The band is headed overseas to perform multiple dates in Ireland and the UK. We were fortunate to get time with Rio Scafone to discuss the background of the band, the recording process, and much more.

Interview with Rio Scafone of Rio and The Rockabilly Revival

Rio Scafone of Rio and The Rockabilly Revival
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