Darius Holbert discusses his newest release for his band, DARIUSTX, titled V. The Angels of Goliad.

Darius Holbert can call many places home; Texas, Louisiana, Los Angeles, and even London. Hobert’s parents are trained in classical music, and he has a personal connection to Southern gospel and blues. Angles of Goliad is Holbert’s “cathartic exercise” that expresses all of those influences.

Darius talks with National Country Review while he is in LA. His wide range of training, travel and experience brought him to a place that he can use those talents. According to Darius, there is nothing else in the world that he would “rather do… hell, can do!”

What he does do is score, produce, write and tour. Listeners may not be familiar with Darius TX, but they know who Darius Holbert has worked with; Everlast, Wu-Tang Clan, Dave Brubeck, Britney Spears, Sophie B. Hawkins, House of Pain, Diane Warren, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and Bobby Brown to name a few.

“Touring is a young man’s game,” he says in his interview with NCR. He found working in television and film a way to create and be home. He does still tour to support his band, Darius TX, but on his terms. Holbert shares how the music industry has options beyond touring.

Interview with Darius Holbert of Darius TX:

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