The King of the new Southern Rock Sound found his throne in Nashville.

Alexander King is part of the A&E reality show, Big SMO. If you only discovered him from television, you won’t know the whole story. King talks to National Country Review on how every job he has done over the past 10 years has been connected to the music business: DJ, promoter, songwriter, merchandiser, and more.

As an independent artist, King had total control of production. Now with Sony/ATV Nashville, he may not have the same level of control, but he has found a new freedom of having major talent and a development team to support him. His first album with Sony, American Gypsy, is slated for release this summer.

The sound of his music blends southern rock and hip hop. Growing up in the south, King talks about the outlaws of country music being his heroes. Most of his youth was spent in a tough part of Nashville; the outlaw lifestyle suited him. The times for music were changing, however, during his youth; rap and hip hop took route everywhere. King’s mother was a songwriter who rebelled against the system. It should be no surprise when he tells National Country Review he was on a path in music; behind the scenes, on stage or both. King found a way to bring the outlaw back into music.

In his first national interview, he reveals how he got here, why he chose Nashville as his hometown, and his drive to stay at the fore front of the evolving sound of southern rock.

Interview with Alexander King

Alexander King
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