In a short span of time Adley Stump graduated from college with a degree in public relations and ends up becoming one of country music’s next generation of performers.

Adley Stump would sing karaoke with friends while in school. Then came the dare to try out for NBC’s The Voice. That would be the first knock. Blake Shelton picked her for his team. That would be the second knock. She may not have won The Voice, but she found her voice would get her the work that her degree in public relations was waiting for. Opportunity was knocking; Stump kicked in the door like a SWAT team.

In a small office on Music Row, Stump talks to the National County Review about the next phase of her career. She shares her sudden thrust into the limelight, how while many opportunities get pitched she remains calm and focused on the ones that are good for not only her career but her core values. Her education gave her insight to not just the music industry, television, and radio, but how to use social media to connect to fans of music feed up with corporate cookie cutter styles. Stump leaves little doubt as time passes, the little office on Music Row maybe home for now, but she will need a much larger office.

Interview with Adley Stump

Adley Stump
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