Worried that we forgot about this week’s Friday Five? Not so! As a matter of fact, for this very special weekend as students across the country get started on their Spring Break, we have an extra special road trip themed playlist to get a little more country in your weekend.

1. That’s What I Love About Sunday by Craig Morgan
An easy going driving song, this is perfect for a long road trip or just a Sunday getaway.

Craig Morgan
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2. I’ve Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash
The ultimate travelling tune, hands down, is this number by the one and only Johnny Cash. We’ll pretend you’re getting all the cities right as you sing along as long as you pretend we do, too.

Johnny Cash
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3. Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans
Ever felt the need to just drop everything and take off? Sara Evans knows how you feel. This fun love song is the ideal picture of the spontaneous romantic we all are at heart.

Sara Evans
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4. On the Road Again by Willie Nelson
“The life I love is making music with my friends, and I can’t wait to get on the road again.” Need we say more?

Willie Nelson
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5. King of the Road by Randy Travis
If Johnny Cash has the number one spot on the ultimate road trip song list, Randy Travis easily takes number two with King of the Road. It’s impossible not to sing along with Travis’ smooth, raspy vocals with the windows down and your feet on the dashboard.

Randy Travis
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Photo credit: Chuck Marshall