This week’s National Country Review dives into another country music hybrid known as country-rap or hick-hop.

1. “Workin’ On” by Colt Ford
Colt Ford, a.k.a. Jason Farris Brown is possibly the most well-known country rapper in the industry. Although he has released four albums to date, he was not always interested in music. Brown previously played in the Nationwide Tour for professional golf before adopting the stage name and releasing his first debut album, Ride Through the Country, in 2008.

Colt Ford
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2. “Lady Luck” by Moonshine Bandits feat. Crucifix
The Moonshine Bandits are two California artists, Tex and Bird, who were brought together in 2003. You may have heard them back in February of 2012 with their song, “My Kind of Country,” which premiered on CMT Pure Country. Their latest album, Blacked Out, was released in 2015 and debuted at number 158 out of 200 on the Billboard Charts. Crucifix has also been busy since entering the industry with is unique sound and look back in 2005 when he released his first album. Before that, he was traveling the world and sculpting his unique presence he has today. In fact, many of his songs are based off his experiences in Rwanda where he and his family almost lost their lives in 1994.

Moonshine Bandits
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3. “Superman” by Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg
This unlikely duo was brought together by the simple loves of music, and marijuana. Snoop and Nelson have collaborated on songs before, including their song, “My Medicine,” which Snoop said was inspired by smoking and eating fried chicken. While the two may never earn a Grammy for their work, Snoop told Hightimes that sending his son to college, who is the first in his family to attend, was the best reward he could ever receive.

Willie Nelson
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Snoop Dogg
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4.”Try Harder Than That” by Meghan Linsey feat. Bubba Sparxx
You probably recognize Meghan Linsey from her band Steel Magnolia, which she formed with her boyfriend Joshua Scott Jones. Now, Linsey is a solo artist mixing up her sound with rap artists like Bubba Sparxx. While this song is different in that, a majority of the song sounds mainstream, yet once Bubba Sparxx, a.k.a. Warren Anderson Mathis, the tone of the song changes completely. While Sparxx is most known for his 2005 hit, “Ms. New Booty,” he has been making steps back into the industry with his memorable features of popular country songs.

Meghan Linsey
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5. “Field Party” by The Lacs feat. JJ Lawhorn
The Lacs are a country rap group composed of two people — Clay Sharpe (a.k.a. Uncle Snap) and Brian King (a.k.a. Rooster.) Both The Lacs and JJ Lawhorn are signed to The Average Joes record label, which is an independent label co-owned by Cold Ford. Law horn takes pride is his ability to make music, as well as perform it, by co-writing every song on his albums.

The Lacs
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JJ Lawhorn
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