It is Friday and the day before the Fourth of July, our Independence Day. Time for some patriotic country music.

This weekend, we honor our country, it’s values, and remember the freedom we value so greatly was not free. Please listen and enjoy and remember when watching fireworks and enjoying picnics and barbecue, our flag flies today because men and women paid the price.

1. American Soldier by Toby Keith
Let’s start this off with one of the best tributes to our troops out there. Our soldiers serve and sacrifice day after day with little reward beyond the honor of doing their duty.

Toby Keith
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2. Some Gave All by Billy Rae Cyrus
Sacrifice and being a soldier go hand in hand. Billy Rae Cyrus explains it so elegantly in saying, “All gave some and some gave all.”

Billy Rae Cyrus
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3. Arlington by Trace Adkins
Trace Adkins says it so well for those who gave all. “And every time I hear twenty-one guns, I know they brought another hero home.”

Trace Adkins
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4. 8th Of November by Big & Rich
Big & Rich wrote a song documenting the experience of a soldier serving in the 173rd Airborne in the Vietnam War as part of Operation Hump. The story is both moving and inspiring when we consider the sacrifice our troops go through when serving our nation.

Big & Rich
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5. God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood
No playlist of patriotic songs is complete without Lee Greewood’s 1984 classic, which reminds us all of why we are “proud to be an American.”

Lee Greenwood
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Image by Dave Ball