This week’s Friday Five from National Country Review is dedicated to all our troops; thank you for your service and all that you do for us and this country.

1. Made in America by Toby Keith
This is a fantastic song, favorite lyric? “My old man’s that old man, spent his life livin’ off the land. Dirty hands, and a clean soul.”

Toby Keith
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2. Letters From Home by John Michael Montgomery
The emotion in this song speaks for itself, and we can’t make it through the whole 4:26 minutes without choking up.

John Michael Montgomery
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3. Ragged Old Flag by Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash sings about what it really means to respect the flag and America’s rich history.

Johnny Cash
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4. Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton
Another classic, this one is an upbeat tune paired with a battle tale.

Johnny Horton

5.God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood
The only patriotic country song fit to end our Memorial Day playlist was this one, a country classic that really says it all.

Lee Greenwood
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Photo credit: Adam Kennedy


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