This week we’re bringing you a fun mix of old and new country to rock to on your way home from work with NCR’s Friday Five.

1. Middle of America by Will Hoge
As we get closer and closer to summer and wave goodbye to the random snow and sleet showers that keep cropping up, a good, old-fashioned country song about American living was called for in our weekend playlist.

Will Hoge
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2. Unbelievable by Diamond Rio
We’re not sure if a happier song exists in the country genre than this one right here and isn’t that what everyone wants in their weekend playlist?

Diamond Rio
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3. Good on You by Native Run
These guys have been noted as a band to absolutely watch, With this upbeat, flirty song accompanied by rock solid vocals and instrumentals, we can see why. Keep an eye out for an artist review by us on them very soon.

Native Run
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4. My Maria by Brooks and Dunn
Brooks and Dunn are undoubtedly a classic country duo, and this song is the definition of sing-along-able.

Brooks and Dunn
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5. Mad Black Magic by 2Steel Girls
With lyrics like, “I think my hangover just grew some legs and walked away,” how can we not love it? 2Steel Girls are still a relatively new band, and this song has us hooked.

2Steel Girls
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Photo credit: Adam Kennedy