This week’s Friday Five is dedicated to old school country, because sometimes the best dancing music or weekend theme songs weren’t released in the last year or two.

1. Cotton Fields by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Although not technically purebred country music, any song that reminisces the way this one does with references to Mama and Texarkana, can hold its own with the best of them in our book.

Creedence Clearwater Revival
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2. Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show
Darius Rucker has recently made this song radio-playing popular again, but let us not forget the original twang provided by Old Crow Medicine Show, drafted by Bob Dylan, that made this one a great.

Old Crow Medicine Show
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3. Sunday Morning Coming Down by Johnny Cash
It’s never easy to pick just one Johnny Cash song when drafting these lists, but since this one is fittingly about a Sunday hangover, we decided to throw it in the mix. Let’s hope none of you experience “no way to hold your head that didn’t hurt,” come Sunday.

Johnny Cash
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4. Song of the South by Alabama
If we included Cotton Fields, we weren’t going to dare leave old Alabama out of this week’s Friday Five. After all, what’s a list of classic country songs without a banjo?

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5. Family Tradition by Hank Williams, Jr.
And, finally, to end this week’s Friday Five, we humbly offer up a little Hank, one of the original country weekend party boys. This weekend, we hope you get out there and carry on your own, personal “Family Tradition.”

Hank Williams, Jr.
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Photo credit: Chuck Marshall