Here to kick off your weekend, National Country Review has put together our first ever Friday Five list.

Welcome to the Friday Five list, a brief peek into what we’re listening to while we get our weekend started over here at National Country Review. With the weather in the north looking increasingly gray, we’ve chosen a selection of songs that are hopefully upbeat or just plain good enough to snap you out of your Seasonal Affective Disorder (because we really hate to see our readers S.A.D.). So let’s turn up the speakers and get grooving, shall we?

1. “Screen Door” by Uncle Tupelo
This little ditty from Uncle Tupelo, the definitive name of Alt-Country, perfectly captures our feelings about the February-winter-blues saying, “Sometimes it snows, but when it does, it doesn’t last long.” Thanks, Uncle Tupelo, we’ll keep it in mind.

Uncle Tupelo
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2. “That’s The Kind of Love I’m In” by Jace Everett
Jace Everett, notorious artist behind HBO’s True Blood theme song, “Bad Things,” is a gold mine for excellent country. This song made the list as there’s just something generally fun and exciting about Jace’s music. This one in particular mentions cutting out of work a little early, which is always on everyone’s minds come Friday … though not saying we condone that. Really, you didn’t get that idea from us today.

Jace Everett
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3. “Take a Back Road” by Rodney Atkins
Nothing feels better after a long week than hitting the back roads on your way home. Enough said.

Rodney Atkins
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4. “That’s The Way (Love Goes)” by Hearts and Daggers
Earlier this week, we had you check out these guys for our weekly artist feature. If you thought we were kidding, we weren’t. This is the perfect bar anthem (or hanging out on your couch anthem, singing in the shower anthem… we don’t judge) for your weekend. Let the off-key sing along special begin.

Hearts and Daggers
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5. “The Late Greats” by Wilco
Whatever way you choose to interpret this song, we’ve chosen to end our list on the idea the greatest moments you’ll ever have, your big weekend moments, can’t be heard on the radio. So get out there and make some late great moments of your own, maybe with some Wilco playing in the background.

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