The 21st century has gifted country music with many innovations and contributions, arguably the best being the sub-genre dubbed bro-country.

1. “That’s My Kind of Night” by Luke Bryan
Who better to start off the playlist than the man often labeled as the king of bro-country. Bryan’s songs fit the genre’s characteristics perfectly, even though he told he was not proud of the title because he felt like it cheapened his work. Regardless, this song includes the need for a beautiful chick, partying, and pick up trucks making it a classic tune at any country bro-down.

Luke Bryan
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2. “Lonely Girl” by Charles Kelley
Since Kelley has gone solo from Lady Antebellum, he has added his name to the list of bro-country artists. The song features an attractive girl he longs for while also bringing into the conversation his sensitivity. The only thing that could make this song fit the genre even better is if Kelley added in a verse about his truck.

Charles Kelley
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3. “Somewhere Only we Know” by Dan + Shay
These two could make the list just for their style alone. Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney are two American singer-songwriters somewhat new to the genre. The two met in Nashville back in 2012 and started writing songs the very next day. Since then, they have been to Warner Bros, aired their first bro-hit on the radio in 2013, and released their second album in 2016.

Dan + Shay
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4.“Drink to That All Night” by Jerrod Niemann
The spoken verses and upbeat chorus in this song make it a bro-country classic. Niemann has released three albums, all seeming to get deeper into the bro-country genre than the next. In 2014, Cambridge Dictionary offered a definition of the genre by calling it, “a sub-genre of country music sung by young white men, featuring songs with macho themes such as trucks, drinking and partying, [a] celebration of life that features trucks, beer and scantily clad women as the must-have accessories.”

Jerrod Niemann
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5. “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line
It would just be wrong to make this playlist and not include the song that claims to be the most popular bro-country hit thus far.

Florida Georgia Line
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