This week’s playlist will have you ready to embrace the love this Sunday on Valentine’s Day.

1. “Lovin Out of Control” by Casey Donahew Band
Casey Donahew’s clear, smooth voice singing about the liberating feeling of being in love is the perfect song to start a Valentine’s Day playlist. This Texas native first took the stage at the Thirsty Armadillo bar in Fort Worth’s Stockyards back in 2002. Over the past decade, Casey Danahew has topped the Texas music charts several times and released four albums without a major record label or management company. Danahew’s latest album Double Wide Dream.

Casey Donahew Band
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2. “Hey Little Darlin'” by Redleg Husky
I dare you not to start tapping your foot while listening to this next one. The organic, folk sound was started in Asheville, North Carolina. The group’s members — Misa Giroux (guitar), Tim McWilliams (mandolin, banjo), and Son Haus (bass) — and songs are catchy, harmonious, and brimming with character. The group, originally only Giroux and McWilliams, has been around since 2012 and added Haus in June of 2015.

Redleg Husky
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3. “One Woman” by Randy Rodgers Band
The Randy Rodgers Band has been gaining a loyal following since their debut album Like It Used To Be back in 2002. Since then, the group has released five albums. The newest album, Neon, was just released almost a month ago on Jan. 15. The song, “One Woman,” is from their 2008 self-titled album, and sings of true love and commitment.

Randy Rodgers Band
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4. “Like I’ll Never Love You Again” by Carrie Underwood
Underwood has been perfecting her bluesy-toned, country sound since winning American Idol, and entering the country music industry back in 2005. This song is from Carrie Underwood’s newest album titled Storyteller, and offers a window into how Underwood may spend her Valentine’s Day as a happily married wife and mother.

Carrie Underwood
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5. “That Girl In Texas” by Jon Wolfe
Last on our list, John Wolfe sings a song for those celebrating their love long distance. Wolfe, who was born and raised in Oklahoma, has a new album, Natural Man, available for pre-sale March 3 with a release date of March 31. As well as singing, Wolfe is also a talented songwriter who wrote, “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” sung by Joe Nichols in 2011. It is clear that Wolfe has a knack for the lyrics of love.

Jon Wolfe
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