Whitey Morgan brought his brand of outlaw country music to the Brass Rail on a Tuesday night. The excitement was palpable in the club as fans came from Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio to take in the show.

As Whitey Morgan and the 78s took the stage, their rich, full sound, filled the small venue and the crowd ate it up. The pedal steel guitar is expertly played by Brett Robinson. It adds to the sexy flavor that is the undertone of the outlaw country. Born from the Detroit area music scene, Morgan tours nearly constantly, playing in every club he can and finding fans everywhere he goes. Those fans tend to be quite loyal, returning each and every time he comes back to town and bringing more people with them to enjoy the music.

The opening band, Dag and the Bulleit Boys, is a local staple and rocked the house, getting the crowd ready for Whitey Morgan, with their version of honky tonk Americana. It is always fun to see those boys tearing it up on stage. And Darren ‘Dag’ Hunt is a well seasoned songwriter who is nothing, if not consistent and talented.

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