Cleveland based band pleases local fans and brings their unique flavor of punkabilly country to Fort Wayne

The WhiskeyDaredevils whirled into the Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, IN. Fans were not disappointed as they did an amazing set that included an American roots version of Wire’s 12XU, The Exploited’s Dead Cities, and Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash mashed up with The Who, along with a whole slew of original favorites. Greg Miller always provides a fun experience with his animated stage show and his abundance of great faces.

Gary Siperko on guitar tears it up, never seems to break a sweat and goes through more picks in one set than should be allowed by law. Leo P. Love is an animal on drums. Rebecca “Sugar” Wildman, bass, is not only easy on the eyes but super talented and just plain fun.

The new LP, Nashville Surprise, is being pressed and should be out next month, just in time for their European tour that kicks off in October. It would be worth your time and money to get your hands on a copy of this LP or some new digital downloads that are coming soon, including the covers mentioned above as well as others. You should absolutely take some time and see the Daredevils if they come to a town near you! They have fun on stage and it is obvious they love what they do.

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