Before the calendar year came to an end, Tanya Tucker made a stop for the evening in Mount Pleasant.

As most music artists would normally be home with their families in between Christmas and New Year’s, Tanya Tucker rolled the buses into the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort for her final show of the year, bringing Collin Raye along for the ride.

Collin takes the stage first; he sang songs from his career that has succeeded for 25 years as a solo artist. He performed favorites, such as “I Can Still Feel You,” “I Was Loved By You,” “One Boy, One Girl,” “I Think About You,” and “Little Red Rodeo.”

Collin Raye is known primarily for his pop ballads but is also known for dealing with social issues in his music. “Little Rock” is a song that talks about alcohol recovery. During his performance, Collin gave his all with heart and soul. The crowd showed their approval with a standing ovation at the conclusion.

“That’s My Story” was a song Collin dedicated to all the men in the crowd. He jokingly stated, “Just agree with her, because she is always right and no matter what you do or say, you will be wrong.”

In 2013, Collin compiled songs for a tribute album to longtime friend and country music legend, Glen Campbell, who is battling Alzheimer’s Disease. The album is titled Still On The Line… The Songs Of Glen Campbell and tonight, Collin sang “Gentle On My Mind” and “Galveston” from that album.

He ended his evening with his first number one hit, “Love Me,” from his debut album All I Can Be (1991).

Since taking the stage at 13 years old, Tanya Tucker has acquired a career that would make anyone envious. Over the past five decades, she has amassed 24 studio albums, two live albums, and ten compilation albums, which have turned out 66 singles and 15 #1 hits.  To title her as a superstar is quite an understatement.

Tanya came to the stage with “Some Kind Of Trouble” from her 1992 album, What Do I Do With Me. The only trouble that was had this evening was trying to keep people in their seats.  With so many songs with an upbeat vibe, people were jumping up out of their seats to dance with Tanya, who danced the night away on stage during her performance.

Standing at the center of the stage, Tanya sang hit song after hit song, the crowds singing along throughout the show.  She performed “I’ll Come Back As Another Women,” “If Your Heart Ain’t Busy Tonight,” “Love Me Like You Used To,” and “Strong Enough To Bend” before grabbing a top hat as she danced and swayed across the stage to the singing of “Walking Shoes.”

With a well-seasoned voice, Tanya sounded perfect as she did in her younger days. There was a pureness to it, unlike today’s sounds where the artist has been computerized and altered.

Tanya was once considered one of a very few female artists to be classified as an “Outlaw.” She joins the Outlaw ranks with the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jr., and David Allen Coe with an independent quality and a mixture of country music with rock n’ roll sound.

At one point during the show, Tanya took a moment to talk about how she had just performed a show filling in for her friend, Merle Haggard, in Las Vegas as he was recovering from double pneumonia. She wanted to wish Haggard well and dedicate a song to him by singing a hit song of his, “Ramblin’ Fever.”

Next she talked about her three children, Presley, Beau, and Layla.  Layla, 16, is on the road with her mom this evening and joined Tanya on stage to sing with her. Together they sang “The Way I Am.”

The emotional highlight of the show came as Tanya sang her 1992 hit, “Two Sparrows In A Hurricane.” The song has been recorded in dedication to her mom and dad who had been married since Tanya’s mom was only 15 years old.  Now, both of her parents have passed on and singing the song gets harder for her as time passes on. This evening was an example of that as she started to break down during the performance. As she finished, the whole crowd inside the showroom paid respects with a full standing ovation.

Tanya closed the evening with “Amazing Grace” and smoothly segueing into her signature debut song from 1972, “Delta Dawn.”

As the saying goes, all things change in time. And so does the sound of music. The sounds of this evening are no longer played on the mainstream radio as it is called traditional country music or old country. Today’s sound has a taste of pop music or hip hop added to it, which doesn’t appeal to all country music lovers. The show on this evening was filled with a crowd of all ages, from minors to seniors and with all in attendance singing along and enjoying the show.

To Collin and Tanya, thank you for keeping traditional, old-country music alive.  There are still people, young and old, that love the sound of it. As for Tanya, when you told us back in 1987 to “Love Me Like You Used To,” we never stopped.

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Tanya Tucker’s setlist:
Some Kind Of Trouble
I’ll Come Back As Another Woman
Hangin’ In
Strong Enough To Bend
Walking Shoes
The Jamestown Ferry
If It Don’t Come Easy
It Won’t Be Me
If Your Heart Ain’t Busy Tonight
Love Me Like You Use To
It’s A Little Too Late
Can’t Run
Ramblin’ Fever
The Way I Am
Lizzie And The Rainman
Texas, When I Die
Two Sparrows In A Hurricane
Amazing Grace / Delta Dawn