Motorcycle clubs, guys with Mohawks, women drinking shots… and then there was the band on stage. Grab your bottle of shine and let’s go, brother!

When your last album came out closing in on a year ago, you need to get out to stretch your legs before you get busy on the next one. Blacked Out dropped for Moonshine Bandits Jul 17, 2015 on Backroad Records. Speaking of which, Dusty “Tex” Dahlgren and Brett “Bird” Brooks stopped by Realm in Toledo, Ohio with their brand of country music.

Along with DJ Chopstigs, the boys brought out new addition to the crew; drummer Jordan Antidote. There was definitely a backwoods smell floating throughout the venue shortly before the band hit the stage. High energy and stage presence was in full effect the entire set. One memorable scene you’ll just have to look through the slideshow to see for yourself. If you have a weak stomach, you might just want to trust us on this one. When we hear more about new material, National Country Review will bring it to you.

Opening the show for Moonshine Bandits was a smaller acoustical version of The Brent Lowry Band. Brent Lowry (vocals/guitar), Seth Lambert (guitar), and Wade Wedge (banjo) made up the lighter manned brigade that hit the stage this night. The local country music veterans represented Northwest Ohio with great songs, both original and covers of music legends. We must give our National Country Review respect for the music these three were able to create and for the impressive beard Mr. Lowry sports. See them all around the area as the weather changes for the better, check local listings.


Versatile artist, Raine Wilder, was next on stage with his crossover sound and show. With DJ Kut~Off in tow, Raine made the local fans of all sizes, and one much younger fan, very satisfied with his set. Not afraid to play with anyone from metal to country, he has made a name for himself in the region for his style and lyrical ability. Many have stated the similarities with an early Eminem sound are hard to miss. Check him out if you happen to have a chance, that way you can say you were on the next big thing before he hits the big time .

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