Miranda Lambert made a tour stop Friday night in Fort Wayne, Indiana bringing with her some girl power.

Tonight is the night the crowd inside the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum has waited for all summer. Miranda Lambert’s Roadside Bars And Pink Guitars Tour is stopping in town before coming to a close the next evening. Miranda is here as are some of her girlfriends to share the stage with her. As she said later in the evening, “There needs to be more females on the radio. But before that can happen, you have to hear them and know about them in order to call up and ask for them on the radio. So I am bringing a few with me to introduce to you.”

First to take the stage for the evening is Courtney Cole. A singer/songwriter from Louisiana who starred on the 2011 CMT television show, The Next Superstar. Courtney takes to the stage and warms the crowd with Shania Twain’s “Honey I’m Home.” The Fort Wayne crowd shows their love by singing back to her and loudly cheering her on as she adds song covers “Turn It Up” and “Fall Like Rain.” Courtney follows with “Ladylike,” a song off her self-titled EP, before ending her part of the show with her debut single, “Drunk.”

The second performer for the evening is Clare Dunn, also a singer/songwriter from southeast Colorado. Clare was found on satellite radio as a “Highway Find” on the Sirius XM The Highway radio station. She opens with her own original, “Ferrari,” while swinging a guitar all around as if it is a natural attachment of her. This country rocker shows no fear of the stage as she sings into her microphone with fans on each side blowing her hair straight back.  After rocking out to Bob Seger’s “Strut,” she bounces back to a couple of her own originals from her self-titled EP, Tuxedo, playing “Cowboy Side Of You” and her latest single, “Move On.” Winning the crowds approval, she finishes with Led Zeppelin’s “Rock And Roll.”

Next to the stage is RaeLynn. Coming from the big state of Texas, RaeLynn came by the way of being a contestant in season two (2012) of The Voice. Approaching the stage in a high energy bounce, there is no stopping this girl as she skipi back and forth from one side of the stage to the other, singing and dancing as she goes. With the announcement earlier in the week of her wedding engagement, you could sense the excitement between her and her band and wanting to share it with the crowd. After opening with a couple of originals, “Careless” and “Boyfriend” from her debut EP Me RaeLynn and her band broke into a dance beat as dancers come on stage and start dancing to “Keep On Dancing” by Gwen Stefani. With the crowd energized, she ends by singing her debut hit single, “God Made Girls.”

As the coliseum sits in darkness, the video screens high above the crowd come to life. Next you hear Miranda and Carrie Underwood singing as the video “Somethin’ Bad” plays overhead. When the song ending, the stage erupts into a show of lasers, lights, and smoke as Miranda takes the stage with her song, “Kerosene.”

Dressed in a pair of black leather shorts and a torn and sleeveless Clare Dunn t-shirt, she hikes across the stage with a pair of black knee-high leather boots, singing with such attitude, showing why she is true to her song, “Fastest Girl In Town.”

With an arsenal of awards for her large number of singles and five current albums, Miranda introduces the crowd to a new song, “Bathroom Sink,” from her album, Platinum. Just like with for her other releases, the crowd shows their approval.

Going back to her fan favorites, “Heart Like Mine,” “Baggage Claim,” “Mama’s Broken Heart,” “Automatic,” “White Liar,” and “Little Red Wagon,” the crowd can’t help but sing along while those seated at ends of rows are dancing in the aisle ways throughout the coliseum.

Although the show had been moving along strong, it hit a soft sensitive moment when Miranda slows down and gets emotional with her performance of “The House That Built Me.”

The show picks back up as she finishes her set with her biggest song to date, “Gunpowder And Lead.” When the song ends, the lights go dark and the crowd cheers and screams as they chant her name.

After long moments waiting, the lights come back up for an encore as the band rolls right into “Slow Ride.”

For just the second time of the evening, Miranda takes a moment from singing and talks to the crowd. She mentions how the past couple of months have been “crappy and not very good for her.” She has just recently divorced from country superstar Blake Shelton. She talks about how she had listened to all kinds of music, some good and some bad. But she found this song, “Learned A Lot” by Amos Lee, and wanted to add it to her show.

To end the evening, Miranda called Courtney Cole, Clare Dunn, and RaeLynn back to the stage for the final song, “Shed A Little Light” by James Taylor.

With help getting introduced to the crowds to gain their acceptance and a thanks to artists like Miranda Lambert, there is sure to be more females on the radio in the near future.

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