On the opening weekend of his 2016 Wild Ones Tour, Kip Moore makes a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

After starting 2016 in Milwaukee the night before, Kip Moore came to Grand Rapids to play a sold-out show of 1,600+ at the Intersection. Kip invited Chase Bryant along for the ride and offered him an opening slot. Chase is now on the road promoting his debut EP, Chase Bryant, that was released back in September of 2014.

Chase and his band entertained the crowd with an 11-song set, playing tracks from his self-titled EP. Chase kept the crowd pumped up by claiming he couldn’t hear them and that a sold out show should have been louder. The crowd responded back by singing and dancing as Chase played “Shut Up And Dance With Me” from the rock band, Walk The Moon. With the crowd up, he played his current single, “Little Bit Of You.”

As a talented guitar player, Chase is known for his unique style as he is left handed but plays a right handed guitar upside down. Halfway through his set, he removed his guitar and slowed down the pace for an intimate mood as he sang “Change Your Name.” As the song was coming to an end, he finished by crouching down at the edge of the stage to sing to a group of girls that were up against the barricade.

Upon strapping up his guitar once more, Chase introduced his band as they showcased their talents with a jam session. As his time on stage was coming to an end, Chase finished off his part of the show with his first top 10 hit, “Take It On Back.”

With the stage completely engulfed in fog and lights, Kip Moore started his part of the evening with the title track to his current tour and album, “Wild Ones.” Kip bounced back and forth from side to side on the stage jumping up onto raised platforms as he sang to all the young females hanging onto and over the barricade in front of the stage.

With the crowd all worked up, Kip played his Top 10 hit, “Beer Money,” from his debut album, Up All Night (2012). The crowd’s energy continued to escalate. The band responded, their vibe and motivation apparent to all.

“Running For You” is the current single on radio airplay from the Wild Ones album released in August 2015 by MCA Nashville. At the end of the song, the band left the stage leaving Kip there as he took a seat on a stool with an acoustic guitar.

Kip, an Ohio native, has become one of the most promising newer artists in country music based on the strengths of his songwriting, singing, and exciting live shows. As Kip sat on his stool, he talked to the crowd explaining that he is thankful for the support received for his debut album. He mentioned how he went into a state of depression while writing the second album after being told him that he could or couldn’t record certain songs. Finally, Kip came to a decision that he was going to record this album for the fans and not worry about what the industry or radio thought of it. He followed with an acoustic rendition of a few of the songs.

With the band rejoining him on stage, Kip played his Top 5 hit, “Hey Pretty Girl,” as the crowd sang it back nearly drowning him out. By the time he played his #1 hit, “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck,” the road of the crowd had reached an unbelievable level. As the song came to an end, Kip jumped down off stage and ran along the barrier, thank all that were pressed against it.

Upon returning to the stage, Kip expressed his wish that the crowd was enjoying themselves. He explained that he and his band love to come to the Grand Rapids area to play. He also mentioned that they played a festival just outside Grand Rapids this past summer. They remained onstage to play to the masses of fans, even after being advised to take cover due to a severe thunderstorm with torrential rains. Kip added that the band had to replace all their equipment due to water damage from the storm. Before leaving the stage, the band finished by playing of “Magic.”

Returning for an encore, Kip once again thanked the fans for selling out the show. To demonstrate his appreciation, Kip vowed that even though he not done a fan meet and greet some time due to his popularity growth, this night he would stay and meet every person in attendance until the last one left. He concluded his show with “That Was Us.”

To the folks of Grand Rapids, you should all be proud of yourselves by continuously selling out shows. As you demonstrate this kind of support, the artists take note and respond by playing your city. Keep doing what you are doing and you will get the artists and maybe the special perks of possibly meeting them afterwards.

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Kip Moore setlist: Wild Ones, Drive Me Crazy, Lipstick, Reckless, Beer Money, In The Middle, I’m To Blame, Come And Get It, Back Seat, Just Another Girl, Heart’s Desire, That’s Alright With Me, What Ya Got On Tonight, Running For You, Complicated (Acoustic), Dirt Road (Acoustic), Everything But You (Acoustic), Guitar Man (Acoustic), Burn The Whole World Down, Cigarette, Hey Pretty Girl, Lean On Me, Sometin’ ‘Bout A Truck, Magic, Encore: That Was Us

Chase Bryant setlist: Wayfarer Weather, Fire, Jet Black Pontiac, Shut Up and Dance, Little Bit of You, Change Your Name, Keeping Me Up All Night, Whatcha Waitin On, Summertime Saturday, Take It On Back