Dustin Lynch has anxiously waited all throughout his tour to return to Grand Rapids and his many fans in Michigan. 

Grand Rapids, Michigan had been chosen to be a final stop for Dustin Lynch before returning home for a Christmas break.  Dustin has made it known numerous times in the past how much he enjoys returning to western Michigan and The Intersection. The crowds here have always welcomed him as if he was one of their own.  Friday night was no exception as Dustin brought his “Hell Of A Night Tour” to town for another sold out show.

While the Nashville-based artist entertained this highly energized crowd, he was also out to promote his latest release, Where It’s At, which is his second full album released in September 2014 on the Broken Bow Record label.  The album has shown success as it has already charted two #1 songs for Dustin on country airplay with “Where It’s At” and “Hell Of A Night.”  His current hit single, “Mind Reader,” was released in September of 2015 and is still climbing the charts.

Dustin also performed material from his self-titled debut album, Dustin Lynch, released in August 2012, also to Broken Bow Records.  His singles from this album included “Cowboys And Angels” along with “She Cranks My Tractor” and “Wild In Your Smile.”

With electricity in the air and the high energy bouncing off the walls, there was a storm brewing as Dustin started with his song “Hurricane” and flowing right into Garth Brook’s storm setter, “The Thunder Rolls.”

All throughout the show the crowd was showing their love and approval with deafening cheers and singing.

Dustin finally had to take a minute to slow this whirlwind show down, as it was now time to play at the Karaoke Bar.  He called to the stage his opening acts, Tyler Rich and Chris Lane, along with a young female from the crowd to help out.  After giving instructions on how the event was played out, he had the young lady spin a wheel to determine what song they would sing next.  The first song was “Check Yes Or No” by George Strait with Tyler taking the lead.  “Indian Outlaw,” by Tim McGraw, was the second selection with Dustin leading in the vocals.  The third and final song was “When The Sun Goes Down” by Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker with all three gentleman sharing the lead.

As Dustin intro’d his song, “Cowboys And Angels,” he told how this song was about the lives of his grandparents who have been married for 60 years.  He had asked the crowd to turn on their lights on their cell phones and raise them high in the air to show a sea of light as they sang the song back to his grandparents via video camera.  At the conclusion of the song, Dustin had to take a quick moment to wipe away a tear and recollect his thoughts after this emotional gesture from the crowd he has grown to love.

He finished this portion of the show off with some crowd surfing in an inflatable raft while singing “That’s Where It’s At” before leaving the stage.

After a short break, Dustin and his band returned for an encore amongst chants from the crowd for the final song of the night and what is the title song to the tour “Hell Of A Night.”

The night’s earlier entertainment came from three separate acts as HISH started the evening off before and in between each stage act. HISH is a well known dj throughout the country, as he played a selection of country songs digitally mixed with a dance club sound.

From Sacramento, California, Tyler Rich was the first to take the stage with only an acoustic guitar as he sang songs from his independently recorded EP, Valerie. Included in his performance was his debut single release, “Radio” that is now making spins on national radio airwaves. Tyler was named “One to Watch in 2015” at the Country Music Social Media Awards. Judging by the crowd reaction, it is fair to say that he is being watched.

Coming from Kernerville, North Carolina, Chris Lane added his own energy to the mix as he sang songs to promote his EP, Fix. This bro-country labeled artist sang songs with a falsetto that drove the women wild and wanting more.  With the stage appearance and actions of a hip hop/rock band, the songs were clearly from the country genre with a story to tell as compared to a repetitive hip hop song.

For Dustin Lynch, he has become a well-liked individual and many in the music industry have taken notice of the rising newcomer. With his traditional country sound, he has been labeled as being the one to inherit George Strait’s throne. With performances like the one delivered in Grand Rapids, there is no one here who would argue against him being the next “King of Country” after being part of a “Hell Of A Night.”

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