DTE Energy Music Theatre kicked off their 2016 summer season of shows with a bang as Dierks Bentley and friends, Randy Houser, Cam, and Tucker Beathard, open the doors with a sold out show.

22-May-2016: For the past 44 years DTE Energy Music Theatre, also known as Pine Knob, has been one of the most attended amphitheaters in the country. It has provided entertainment for all ages and genres alike. DTE has been named as one of the nation’s most attended amphitheater by Amusement Business/Billboard for the more than two decades running.

Opening one week earlier than their typical Memorial day weekend, this summer entertainment location didn’t have any problems getting the fans to arrive sooner as they immediately snatched up all 16,000 tickets for Dierks Bentley and his Somewhere On A Beach tour.

Dierks gave his fans everything they had come to expect as he played music from his new album Black (released on May 27 on Capital Records Nashville) and hits from his other eight previous albums.

He opened his show with a taste of bluegrass in “Up On The Ridge” before jumping into a mecca of hits like “Free And Easy,” “Tip It On Back,” “5150” and “Lot Of Leavin’ Left To Do.”

After a few songs, Dierks explained most of his songs were about drinking because he drinks when he is writing. He announced to the crowd that on this evening, he was the head bartender. At that point, he called his stage hand to swap out his cup full of tea to a Red Bull and Vodka to the crowd’s approval.

Dierks also said the band listens to classic country on the bus after the show until about two in the morning. He also sometimes calls or texts bluegrass singer-songwriter Alison Krauss to help him wind down at the end of a long night. She is his “go-to-person or my drunk text at the end of the evening.” He wrote “What The Hell Did I Say” based on his late night conversations.

Next, he added his favorite song to the show with “I Hold On” before his title track debut to his soon to be released album, Black.

During the show, he braved the crowd to reach a second stage set up towards the back of the pavilion so that he could be closer to fans in the rear and those seated on the lawn. More than a few fans were brazen enough to grope the singer on his foray. Upon reaching his destination, he joked with the crowd about the free colonoscopy he had just received.

On the small platform, Dierks called out his show openers, Randy Houser and Cam, to assist in covering the Eagles song, “Take It Easy.” Afterward, Dierks sang a new song, “Freedom,” before returning to the main stage.

Back on the main stage, Dierks ended his set with more hit songs “Somewhere On A Beach” and “What Was I Thinking” before being joined back up on stage by Randy, Cam and Tucker Beathard for an encore performance of “Drunk On A Plane.”

Opening for Dierks was Randy Houser, who also just released a new album, Fired Up, on March 11 with Stoney Creek Records. “Song Number 7” is the current single off the album that makes up part of Randy’s show along with his hit songs “Boots On,” “Like A Cowboy” and “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight.”

Cam also is part of the undercard to the tour, as she is riding high from her debut album Untamed featuring her current single “Mayday” and her breakout debut single “Burning House.”

Tucker Beathard is new to the scene as this up, and coming singer-songwriter is currently working on his debut album to be released at a later date. His current single, “Rock On,” can be heard on the radio as it is starting to hit mainstream media.

The show at DTE was only the sixth show of Dierks’ 2016 “Somewhere On A Beach” summer tour and his third show in a row. Judging by the energy of Dierks and his tour mates along with the enthusiasm of the crowd, both Dierks and DTE are going to have a great summer ahead.

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Dierks Bentley setlist:

  1. Up On The Ridge; 2. Free And Easy; 3. Tip It On Back; 4. Am I The Only One; 5. 5150; 6. Say You Do; 7. Lot Of Leavin’ Left To Do; 8. What The Hell Did I Just Say; 9. I Hold On; 10. Every Mile A Memory; 11. Black; 12. Feel That Fire; 13. Take It Easy (Eagles cover performed with Randy Houser and Cam on 2nd stage); 14. Freedom (2nd stage); 15. Somewhere On A Beach; 16. What Was I Thinkin’; 17. Sideways; 18. Encore – Drunk On A Plane (with Randy Houser, Cam and Tucker Beathard)