Flint’s sold out crowd went wild for Colt Ford and especially, his surprise guest.

The Machine Shop is known for booking live music entertainment in rock, metal and outlaw country since 2002.  As they prepare to celebrate their 14th anniversary month in March, the date was close enough to include another appearance by Colt Ford.

Saturday night made the tenth visit to the concert lounge for Colt, as he arrived to promote his latest album Answer To No One, The Colt Ford Collection. The album, released in October 2015 on his record label, Average Joe’s Records, includes 14 songs. Out of these songs, 13 came from his five previous albums, and one came from a compilation album.

Being from Georgia doesn’t take away from the love he has for the people of Michigan, especially those from Flint. From his frequent visits to The Machine Shop, the group has made many local friends.  Michigan was a significant market that helped solidify his career as a musical artist, and the lounge has sold out numerous times as he has visited.

When it was time for Colt to take the stage, he was taken back by the welcome he received from the excited Flint crowd.  With each song performed, it was astounding how the crowd sang back to each song, word for word without missing a beat.

Growing up listening to country, R&B and hip hop, it was easy for Colt to create his unique sound by blending country music with rap and southern rock.  As his popularity rose, he wrote and recorded songs with artists of each genre that help expand his fanbase.

At his shows each night, he includes his hit songs, “Ride Through The Country,” “Chicken And Biscuits,” “Answer To No One,” “Crank It Up” and “Driving Around Song.”

The highlight of this evening came as he was reiterating how he had such an abundance of love for The Machine Shop and the support of all the people that continue to come to his shows and buy his merchandise. When he finished his thanks, he spoke of how one of his best friends lived just around the corner and then he turned and called Kid Rock to the stage.

As the crowd’s excitement continued to rise, Kid Rock took over the stage with Colt’s band and started singing another Michigander’s (Bob Seger) hit song, “Main Street.”  After the first verse, he stopped the band and picked the mood back up with Lynyrd Skynrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” and the crowd roared with approval.

Upon leaving the stage, the crowd in a boisterous chant called out for Kid Rock and Colt Ford.  A few moments later, Colt returned to the stage with his band and ended the evening’s show with his biggest hit song to date, “Dirt Road Anthem.”

As the country music genre has grown tremendously over the past few years going in many different directions, the show at The Machine Shop made it evident that there exist a desire and demand for country rap music and Colt Ford.

Also, kicking off the evening at The Machine Shop was local openers, Stone Cold from Montrose, Michigan, and Pole Barn Rebels from neighboring Flushing, Michigan.

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Colt Ford setlist:

  1. Mr. Good Time
  2. Answer To No One
  3. The Highlife
  4. Crank It Up
  5. Back
  6. Crickets
  7. Country Thang
  8. Driving Around Song
  9. Workin’ On
  10. America
  11. Ride Through The Country
  12. She’s Like
  13. Chicken & Biscuits
  14. Dirty Side
  15. Hip Hop In A Honky Tonk
  16. No Trash In My Trailer
  17. Washed In The Mud
  18. Encore – Lose Yourself
  19. Encore – Dirt Road Anthem