After his initial CD release party in Indiana, Chris Young extended the party for a second night in western Michigan.

The party began in Muncie, Indiana on Friday night for Chris Young and his official I’m Comin’ Over CD release party but wasn’t allowed to end until after coming to Michigan for the second evening of release party fun. This night’s fun takes place at Miller Auditorium on the campus of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

For what seemed like an eternity, this album was finally finished, and there was no stopping the excitement upon its release. Being more involved in the music and the making of the album has made this album more personal to Chris. Next on the agenda was to hit the road and promote it as vigorously as the effort it took in making it.

For the first half of the I’m Comin’ Over tour, Chris invited Clare Dunn and Eric Paslay to come out on the road with him to help launch the new release.

With her hair blowing back from fans next to her microphone stand and a swinging guitar strapped around her neck, Clare Dunn is the first to take the stage. Starting her set with an original song, “Ferrari” from her self-titled EP brought the crowd to their feet.

After spending the beginning of the year on tour with Bob Seger, Clare says thank you with the playing of “Her Strut.” With her band, they line up in the center of the stage to strut from one side of the stage to the other.

Clare then introduces three more of her songs; “Tuxedo,” “Cowboy Side Of You,” and her debut single, “Move On.” She ends her show with a song she grew up listening to while working on the farms back in Oklahoma, “Lonely, Lonely, Lonely” by Led Zeppelin.

Although Clare is considered to be a short musical set opener, she proves to be a strong candidate as a female entertainer as she provides a highly energized show that keeps the crowd entertained and drawn in with her musical talents.

Next up, Eric Paslay takes the stage and launches into a “Song About A Girl.”

This six-foot-six-inch fiery red head has not always been a singing artist, as he started out his career as a successful songwriter. Eric performs two of those songs that he has written for others; “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” by Jake Owen and “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” by Eli Young Band.

“She Don’t Love You,” “Less Than Whole,” and “Keep On Fallin” shows off Eric’s soft side with these ballads from his CD, Eric Paslay, released on EMI Records Nashville in February 2014.

Eric then dons a pair of sunglasses and displays his footwork skills in “High Class,” his latest single, while dancing and sliding across the stage.

The set ends with the crowd singing back to him his debut single, “Friday Night.”

Although Eric has shown his success as a songwriter, it is apparent that he is a natural for being an performing artist as well. Judging by the crowds approval, he has a bright future as such.

With the stage lights low, a count down starts on the sound system. Lights begin to shine from a video wall at the back of the stage. As the count down reaches zero, a section of the video screens turn sideways, and Chris emerges on stage, kicking his show off with “Underdogs.”

With the much-anticipated release of his latest album happening the day before, the crowds are excited to celebrate this evening with Chris and his band, almost as much as Chris appears ready to entertain the anxious crowd.

With four successful albums, Chris already has a large library of songs to choose from for the setlist. On this evening, he is ready to throw all his slow, sappy songs to the side and keep the high-paced set going as his energy is high with emotions.

Next on his list for the evening is his first number one song from 2009, “Getting You Home (The Black Dress Song)” before hearing “Voices.”

“Lonely Eyes,” “Who I Am With You,” and “Aw Naw” were from his fourth album, A.M., released in 2013.

The song, “I Can Take It From There,” speaks of Conway Twitty. It was during this song that Chris stops and speaks to the crowd. He explains that if you do not know who Conway Twitty is, you need to go home and find out and listen to his music. At this point, he starts to play an acoustic version of Conway’s song, “Lay You Down.” After the crowds approval, he returns with his band to the conclusion of his own song.

With his excitement showing, he eagerly wants to play a song from his new album, “I’m Your Guy.”

Chris introduces his band during the playing of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man,” showing off their unity and friendships as they gel in this musical showcase.

“You” is Chris’s fifth #1 song in a row. He follows it with “Tomorrow” and “Neon,” both from the Neon album released in 2011.

“I’m Comin’ Over,” the title track of the new album is next before ending the show with Chris’s fun party song, “Save Water Drink Beer.”

Not ready to call it a night, the crowd chants Chris’s name to return for an encore. Feeling completely overtaken with emotions from the crowds warmth and acceptance, he returns with the playing of “Sober Saturday Night.”

After two solid nights of crowd approval, Chris is gearing up for a strong 2016 with a new tour and album to promote.

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