After only two and a half months, Chase Rice returned to this Detroit neighborhood for another sold out show.

On this Saturday night in Detroit, a line formed outside the Fillmore for blocks awaiting the doors to open for a sold out show.

After being a part of Kenny Chesney’s The Big Rival Tour at Ford Field back in August, Chase Rice had been looking forward to returning to Detroit for the great crowds that always make him feel at home. Tonight, however was his turn to headline, as he is just getting the bus wheels turning for his new 2015/2016 JD And Jesus Tour.

Before Chase came to the stage, the crowd was warmed up with a short set by this young up and coming Haley Georgia. Being compared to Taylor Swift for her confidence and signature curly blonde locks, Haley came to the stage singing Brooks and Dunn’s “Play Something Country.” Bouncing from one side of the stage to the other and walking out on the stage catwalk into the front of the crowd, the crowd sang back and bounced in place with her. At one point during the hip hop song “Becky,” Haley reached out with her microphone to a young fan in the front row to allow her to sing part of the chorus. With a mixture of hip hop and country songs added to her set list, she was able to appeal to the whole crowd. To end her set, she sang her popular debut single, “Ridiculous.”

Once Haley was finished, The Cadillac Three were up. This southern country rock threesome consists of Jaren Johnston on guitar and vocals, Kelby Ray on dobro, acoustic, lap steel and vocals along with Neil Mason on drums, percussion, and vocals.

They opened with their debut single, “The South,” which instantly raised the crowd’s enthusiasm. Along with a few other singles, “Tennessee Mojo” and “White Lightning,” the boys added Eric Church’s “Raise Em Up” to their set list.

The Cadillac Three are spending their free time writing and recording for new music due out in the spring of 2016.

The band concluded with their version of the popular classic, “Black Betty.” During a moment in the song, Jaren goes to the back of the stage and jumps up on the drum riser and helps out Neil with a drum solo.

At the front of the stage, hanging from mobile trusses, was a white drapery over the front of the stage. As the lights started to come up and the music started, the large drapery fell to the floor to display a stage full of musicians and laser lights shining all across the venue.

Finally, it is what everyone had waited for. Chase Rice came sprinting out from the side of the stage directly to the catwalk platform extending from center stage out to the first couple rows of people standing on the floor of the Fillmore. Shaking hands and high fives with the crowd, he opened his part of the show with “How She Rolls” from his latest album, Ignite The Night.

Following, he played other songs from the album, including “Do It Like This,” “50 Shades of Crazy,” “U Turn,” and “Carolina Can.”

Chase then took a few moments to talk about his time growing up and playing football at the University of North Carolina before being introduced to music and the guitar. He added that while playing in clubs back home, you needed to be good at what you did in order to pay for the nights expenses and also to help pay for college. He broke into a compilation of cover songs, such as “Smoke On The Water,” “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” “Dust On The Bottle,” “Living On A Prayer,” and “Free Fallin’.”

Next, the band joined Chase at the end of the catwalk during the musical break in “Gonna Wanna Tonight.” Chase grabbed a video camera and recorded the crowd as they sang back the chorus to him and the band. As the song ended, Chase talked about all the love he has received tonight and in the past with other sell outs in the Detroit area, and why he tries to make it a point to play the Motor City multiple times a year.

The band then left the stage as Chase pulled up a stool and grabbed his acoustic guitar for a solo performance of his tour title, “Jack Daniels And Jesus.” As the crowds shined their lights from cell phones, he started into “The Dance” by Garth Brooks.

Still seated on a stool, another one appeared on stage as he called a female (Jodi) from the crowd to join him on stage to sit at the other stool. He then proceeded to excite Jodi by teasing her with the singing of the flirtatious song, “Ride.”

As the band came back to the stage, Chase talked about his big break in songwriting with his success as co-writer on the hit song, “Cruise,” sung by Florida Georgia Line. While singing his version of it, he was joined on stage by show opener Haley Georgia to end the main portion of his show.

Chase with his band entered the stage again for an encore performance of his hit song, “Ready Set Roll.”

At the end of his performance, the band continued to play a musical extension while he jumped down to the barricade on the floor to shake hands and sign autographs with those at the barricade. Walking the barricade from one side of the stage all the way across to the other side of the stage greeting his fans and taking a moment to thank them and take selfies with them is testament to why he continues to sell out shows and increase his fan base with each stop on the tour.

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