The Cadillac Three brought energy, grit, and one hell of a party to Michigan during a frigid winter day.

Every once in a while, a band comes along and just grabs you. The Cadillac Three have been doing this to people for the better part of two years now. Some of the hardest working guys out there, they have earned the right to be filling venues on their own. They bring a high energy show full of boot stomping, gritty sound combing country music with southern rock. Everyone in the band hails from Tennessee and it shows with songs like “Tennessee Mojo” and “I’m Southern.”

They brought some of their Southern charm and warmth to a frigid Flint, MI in the middle of a brutal winter stretch. The Machine Shop, hosting TC3 for the first time, had the full crowd warmed up and ready to go when the band took the stage. They opened with the song “Party Like You” which grabbed the crowd and never let go. They followed that up with two of their crowd favorites… “I’m Southern” and “I’m Rockin’.”

The stage setup puts Kelby Ray and his lap steel guitar off to the left, Neil Mason and his drums in the back, and Jaren Johnston’s mic stand to the right. The middle of the stage is Johnston’s to control, constantly stepping away from that mic stand to boot stomp, twirl, and grab the crowd like the conductor of an orchestra. This is when you feel the energy and once grabbed by it, you will be hooked.

Half way through the set, fans were treated with two brand new songs, “Hot Damn” and “Dixie.” Following those was a crowd favorite “Get your Buzz On.” The set ended with “Down To The River” and “Days Of Gold,” which has been a hit for Jake Owen and was written by the boys in TC3. The encore was their last single titled “The South.”

The Cadillac Three have a sound of their own you need to hear to understand. It is a mix of country anthems, rock ‘n roll riffs, and southern rock ballads. There really only is one way to describe it… damn good music.

The Cadillac Three
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