Good Friday was not only the start of an Easter holiday weekend but also, for a new tour starting off at the Hoosier Park Racing and Casino.

Nashville is nothing short of a tight-knit musical family, where everyone knows everyone, and players jump in and perform with each other on stage. For these three young singer-songwriters, they have been jumping on stages together for years. It only seemed natural for the three artists to finally come together for a tour.

As the tour idea turned to reality, Kelleigh Bannen and Ruthie Collins joined Natalie Stovall and The Drive on the road to create the 3 Girls Rock Into A Bar tour. The concept was simple; the three ladies would stand front and center sharing the stage, alternating each other’s song choices while Natalie’s band provided the musical arrangements.

The show this evening was being held at the Hoosier Park Racing and Casino in Anderson, Indiana. The stage is located in the Terrace Showroom, which overlooks a beautiful, well kept horse race track with a center pond and fountains.

The show opened with the three ladies together singing the first verse of “Hell On Heels” by Miranda Lambert before the band joined in with Kelleigh as she sang “Welcome To The Party.”

As the party was just getting started, Natalie welcomed the crowd and thanked everyone for coming. She talked of this being the first night of the tour and how she and the band were nervous about the show and the reaction they would receive from the crowd. She even joked to the crowd saying that if no one had shown up, they would have just used the evening as a practice night for the rest of the tour. The crowd laughed and applauded together to reassure Natalie, Kelleigh, and Ruthie that they were not alone tonight.


Natalie then grabbed her fiddle to play her debut single, “HeartBreak,” from her recently released EP of the same name. The EP was self-released in January of 2016. Being unsigned with no help from a label, Natalie Stovall And The Drive rely on self-promotion from merchandise sales at shows along with sales from iTunes and Spotify to help distribute their music.

As the show continued, the three ladies took turns singing songs of their own from recent works with help on harmonies by the other two. Kelleigh and Ruthie took turns sharing a guitar while Natalie alternated playing fiddle, mandolin, guitar, or just standing and singing with the other two.

Before singing “Dear Dolly,” Natalie made a note to tell that while she and Ruthie wrote the song together a few years back, they each have their version of that sounds unique. Although Ruthie has just completed making a video for the song, she has not recorded the song, whereas Natalie has recorded the song and put it on her Heartbreak EP. It was also jokingly stated that none of them on stage have ever met Dolly, so if anyone in the audience knew her, they would be forever grateful to be introduced to her to discuss some of the questions that make up the song.

Afterward, they sang “Jolene” from Dolly Parton before blending it right into “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town. To the crowd’s delight, the three sang both songs in acapella.

Kelleigh sang her song “Famous” that was released on the EMI label, while Ruthie, a Curb Records recording artist, played her guitar as she sang her current single “Trainwreckin'” released in January of 2016.

Next up was what the crowd had come to witness, as Natalie grabbed her fiddle. She introduced the song by telling how she was honored to be asked by Charlie Daniels himself, for her to join his band at an event to play this song for the crowd. Natalie raised the excitement in the crowd they started playing “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” She proceeded to scoot across the stage playing her fiddle while also jumping up onto a platform to play.

Playing since the age of four, Natalie had just tutored the crowd in the act of fiddle playing. Upon concluding the song, it took her a moment to catch her breath before talking to the crowd once more.

To keep the enthusiasm up with the crowd, Natalie with her fiddle, Kalleigh, and Ruthie with her guitar unplugged, walked out into the crowd to a center isle way to sing “Country Roads” by the late John Denver. With no electronics and no microphones, they sang to the crowd as natural as you could get. When finished, the crowd showed their appreciation by standing and cheering them back to the stage for their final song of the evening.

The show ended just as it had started with all three singing the words to Miranda’s hit song “Hell On Heels,” only this time with some musical help from the band. As the band finished playing and exiting the stage, you could hear the crowd beg them to hear one more song.

Even though they made comments about the first-night-jitters, the artists gave no indications of it. Instead, it was an evening of pure entertainment from three young beautiful entertainers that have a bright career ahead of each of them.

If there were any questions about the performance or the crowd’s reactions from the evening, the crowd lined up in front of the merchandise tables and patiently waited as some stood in line for almost two hours for an opportunity to meet Natalie, Kelleigh, and Ruthie.

For information about this tour, be sure to check the links below for future tour dates as they travel across the country entertaining crowds like this and larger. But don’t wait too long; as word travels of about the tour and the artists, tickets will vanish as these 3 Girls Rock Into A Bar.

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Kelleigh Bannen
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Hoosier Park Racing and Casino
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3 Girls Rock Into A Bar tour setlist:

  1. Hell On Heels (vocal intro) – Natalie Stovall, Kelleigh Bannen and Ruthie Collins
  2. Welcome To The Party – Kelleigh Bannen
  3. Heartbreak – Natalie Stovall
  4. Pink Bic Lighter – Ruthie Collins
  5. All Good Things – Kelleigh Bannen
  6. Girl Tonight – Natalie Stovall
  7. Get Drunk And Cry – Ruthie Collins
  8. Dear Dolly – Natalie and Ruthie
  9. Jolene / Girl Crush (acappella) – Natalie Stovall, Kelleigh Bannen and Ruthie Collins
  10. Cheap Sunglasses – Kelleigh Bannen
  11. Boys & Beaches – Ruthie Collins
  12. We Are – Natalie Stovall
  13. Famous – Kelleigh Bannen
  14. Trainwreckin’ – Ruthie Colllins
  15. The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Natalie Stovall
  16. Country Roads (unplugged in center isle way) – Natalie Stovall, Kelleigh Bannen and Ruthie Collins
  17. Hell On Heels (full band) – Natalie Stovall, Kelleigh Bannen and Ruthie Collins