This unique trio from Asheville, North Carolina is back at it again with another album released today, April 13.

Redleg Husky has finally released their album titled My Old Heart. This is the groups junior album after their 2014 release of Carolina.

The group is made up of Misa Giroux (vocals and guitar), Tim McWilliams (mandolin and banjo), and Son (bass).

RedLegHusky-PublicityPhoto-2016-02“I think everybody is going to be really happy with it because we’re putting so much of us into this creation,” said Giroux. “We’ve been working on this for a long time, and we want to create something that we’re proud of.”

Songwriter, vocals, and guitar Misa Giroux said her favorite song on the album is “Your Favorite Hymn” because of the lasting emotions that come out of her when she plays it.

“I think the most emotion went into writing that one, and it hasn’t really faded,” said Giroux. “Whereas some in the past, I might have a lot of feelings that I want to put down on paper, and a song comes out of it, but after a while I think ‘OK, that ran its course.'”

Giroux said this is not the case for this song, which is about the need to pinpoint special moments shared with someone special that you do not want to forget.

“When Tim and I were traveling a lot, those little moments added up to so much for me, and I carried that with me for a while,” said Giroux. “I connected that too with our friend who passed away, so the last verse is about him specifically, and him commenting on how happy I was during that period of time.”

The group is booked with performances in North Carolina from now until December with more details available on the band website.

You can find tracks and merchandise for Redleg Husky’s My Old Heart below, and on

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