Gallows Bound announced they will be joined by Old Salt Union for their tour lasting until February 20.

This six-piece is hitting the road on a journey to crisscross America and play folk-punk/bluegrass music for the people. That journey started with a hometown show in Winchester, Virginia, and will end in Springfield, Missouri on February 20, 2016.

“2016 is going to be starting out with a bang,” said vocals Jordan Joyes. “This will be our longest tour yet, as we will be going coast to coast on this tour.”

The band says being raised in the heard of the Blue Ridge Mountains helped shape the Appalachian-bluegrass roots of their sound. The unique twist of combining traditional instruments and three-chord punk rock has been described as aggressive, yet melodic.

“Their live set is performed as impeccably as their studio set, and you really can feel how much energy, love, and emotion is poured not only into their writing, but into their performance.”

Gallows Band’s first album, “Empty Flask, Empty Heart,” carries that punk rock into fast punchy tales of rambling and love, to dark and soulful that can only be created with whiskey and regret.

The band said, “We take our punk rock and roll background and blend it with our Appalachian bluegrass roots and chase it with a bottle of the strongest stuff you got.”

You can check out the song, “Sink in the Soil”  below from their self-titled sophomore album.

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