An artist out of Nashville, Walker McGuire, blew us away this week with their natural country tone and their original sound.

Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire, hailing respectively from Vernon, TX, and Fairway, KS, have been playing in Nashville since 2012. After recently being discovered by a nationally broadcasted radio show hosted by Big D and Bubba, their career has slowly begun to take off. As opposed to the typical country music we’ve been finding on the radio that seems to have the same message of tight jeans and drinking a beer on the tailgate, Walker McGuire peppers their lyrics with originality, humor, and a little bit of tenderness. Their songs are fun and spunky, particularly in “Ol What’s Her Name,” where they sing, “How could I forget old what’s her name?”

Jordan and Johnny seem to have a natural chemistry between them, and their witty back and forth in both their official music videos and their recorded songs makes it easy to connect with them as a listener. In their video for “Holly Would,” they have a nameless, clearly intoxicated buddy dancing in the background and singing along; and really, who doesn’t love a band that’s cool enough in real life to have friends dancing while wearing sunglasses in their videos?

The relaxed tone of their videos and live performances would have an audience believing that these guys have been around the block a few times in the country music world, and the fact that they’re only a few years into their career is incredibly exciting. A spark of talent like this is immediately recognizable to a listener, and their fan base is bound to grow at an astonishing speed.

Yet, as appreciable as their goofiness is, in “The Color Pink” they show their softer side while they sing, “I like baseball, hunting in the fall, fishing out by the lake but now it’s tea parties, Malibu Barbies, and Easy Bake Oven made cupcakes,” referencing a beautiful father and daughter relationship. This hit is the band’s first and only single on iTunes, and it reached #42 on the iTunes chart quickly after it was released in 2013, which is no surprise.

It’s nice to see a band who is still young in their career having such large scale successes and remaining upbeat and down to earth. Jordan and Johnny undoubtedly have some heavy hitting talent going for them, and we at National Country Review are excited to see what Walker McGuire has to offer the world of country.

Walker McGuire
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