The singer-songwriter kicked off the band’s summer tour in San Antonio on April 18, as he continues his country career that began more than a decade ago.

Originally from Waco Texas, Wade Bowen was a born into one of the strongest hearts of country music in America. He began his career as a member of the band West 84. The band revamped in 2001 and marketed themselves for success. The album Try Not to Listen (2002), became a regional Texas hit and was the first of many successes for Bowen. If We Ever Make it Home (2009), a hard-hitting album about his wife’s depression, became a pivotal moment for the band and launched them to their destined fame.

Bowen performs alongside an array of talented musicians such as lead guitarist Todd Laningham, drum and vocal performer Jay Saldana, bass player and singer Caleb Jones, and piano and guitar player Will Knaak. Their latest albums, The Given (2011) and Wade Bowen (2014), have built on the strong foundation. Hit songs such as “Saturday Night” and “When I Woke Up Today” have not only developed a powerful fan base, but has also given Bowen the opportunity to follow his call to help others.

Wade Bowen has a passion and purpose in life that cannot be communicated through music. He has used talents to contribute to the Bowen Family Foundation. As a foundation, they believe that music heals, and they focus on healing children and their families. The Bowen Family Foundation supports the most effective ways to connect children and families with love, support, resources and opportunities to help get them on a path to a better life. Bowen’s love for others cannot be heard through his voice and is not highlighted as one of his talents. Out of the spotlight, Bowen is someone beyond a country singer.

To learn more about how you can help the Bowen Family Foundation or to check out tour dates and upcoming music, check out their website.

Wade Bowen
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