When most sixteen-year-olds are just learning to drive, Shaniah Paige is writing and performing songs in the Country Music Capital.

Shaniah Paige may seem like a typical sixteen-year-old girl who likes to spend time with friends, talk about boys, and watch movies. However, there is one major characteristic that sets her apart from many other people her age, her songwriting and performing accomplishments.

Shaniah found her love for performing at a young age when she became involved in her school musicals. At the age of fifteen, Shaniah grabbed the attention of multi-platinum producer Andrew Lane, and they both traveled to Los Angeles to record her first single and more music in his studio.

Shaniah’s first single is called “Roseville,” named after her hometown in Illinois. The song is about what it is like to grow up in a small Midwest town as a teenager. After her first single, she became more involved in the songwriting process and found herself traveling to Nashville, Tennessee regularly to work on songs with other notable songwriters, such as Ariel Orifici and Mary Danna. She has written one song by herself and co-written five others.

Shaniah is currently writing more songs and booking more and more local shows each day. Check out the song that started it all, “Roseville,” below.

Shaniah Paige
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