The Nashville-based artist’s wandering personality and impressive work ethic leave marks on the music she writes and sings.

Olivia Lane’s liveliness on stage and in songwriting translates to upbeat guitar and drums found in most of her songs. Yet, her smooth voice stands out the most. Her co-writer and producer, Ilya Toshinsky, lets Olivia’s passionate vocals excel while her instruments converge into an outcome that doesn’t disappoint fans.

The single, “Steal Me Away”(2015), is a perfect example of Lane’s sound. Her experience, work ethic, and God-given talent allow her incredible voice to tell an incredible story, which is a nod to her great writing. “Steal Me Away” contains a catchy mandolin riff, upbeat guitar, and drums that work together individually as well as they work with her voice. Whatever combination she uses, it works.

Olivia Lane is from Houston, Texas. At home growing up, her mother played her Linda Ronstadt, Patsy Cline, and Elvis Presley. While those great artists sparked Lane’s interest in country, the Eagles were her favorite band, and her fan interest factored into her decision to move to Los Angeles at 16. Via her website, “At sixteen, she convinced her parents to let her move to Los Angeles, just so she could be in an environment that challenged her to push forward.”

She attended USC and then got another fresh start when she moved to Nashville after graduation. In Nashville, Olivia hosted the first Diva Jam, a live show that brings talented female musicians together on one stage. She also gained experience in writing rooms and supporting the likes of Wynonna Jud, Chase Bryant, Easton Corbin, and others.

Olivia Lane seems like a safe bet to step into an even bigger spotlight soon. Check out “Steal Me Away,” and try to learn the words, as it could be a classic soon!

Olivia Lane
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