After writing for top artists Keith Urban and Luke Bryan, Old Dominion has formed their own identity with original music that’s sparking buzz with country music fans.

The five-member strong, powerhouse unit is comprised of Nashville’s finest songwriters, paving the way to the band’s success. Each member brings in an element of talent that has given Old Dominion the power to thrive in the demanding industry. Lead singer and electric guitar player Matthew Ramsey has been influenced by music since he first picked up a drumstick in sixth grade. After college, he pursued his songwriting passion in Nashville where he found reward in writing songs for country artist icons The Band Perry and Dierks Bentley.

Brad Tursi, background vocalist and lead guitarist, has brought his experience as a band member and live performer to Old Dominion. Previously in the rock band Army Of Me, Tursi eventually found himself in Nashville on the same path as Ramsey: pursuing a career in songwriting in the country music capital of America.

The tri-talented member Trevor Rosen plays on the keys and acoustic guitar. He is also a background vocalist. Rosen’s path also lead him to Nashville, and more specifically to Ramsey himself, where after some time writing for renowned artists such as Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney, he began working with Ramsey to eventually go from writing to performing in Old Dominion.

Geoff Sprung is the background vocalist and bass player. With a background in touring and recording as a country and rock artist, Sprung brought talent and presence to the stage as Old Dominion started performing and recording originals.

Drummer, Whit Sellers, also found himself in Nashville after moving from Roanoke, Virginia. He grew up with Ramsey and met Rosen and Sprung in college. Combining the talents of friends, as singers, songwriters, and musicians, the band was made. For four of the five members, their road started in Virginia, and all five members, their roads crossed in Nashville, forming the band named as a tribute to the nickname of Virginia.

More than members, the five performers are friends, a component they contribute to keeping the band together through the challenges of “making it big.” Their first album released in October 2014 and has stuck to country music fans. The rock and country feel brings an edge to their music. Songs about love affairs, deep reflection, and bad decisions has enticed fans to the unique country rock genre.

The album simply titled Old Dominion features the hit song Shut Me Up. Thier new single Break Up With Him has also received positive feedback from music fanatics and critics. When opening for Kenny Chesney’s Big Revival Tour, fans now sing along to the songs of Old Dominion, instead of their songs who were made famous by another artist.

As one of the up and coming bands to watch, Old Dominion continues to do their own performances while fueling the fire of their fans by taking the radio by storm as their songs continue to climb the charts and into the hearts of audiences. Old Dominion will be a name to remember as they continue to build on what they’ve already started. No longer “a band to watch,” but one to listen to.

For more information about Old Dominion and their music, check out their website.

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