Who is Joshua Scott Jones? Some may know him as half of the iconic band, Steel Magnolia, but here we dig a little deeper.

Joshua Scott Jones was born in Texas, and moved to Southern Illinois. He got his first guitar at the age of 13. He then moved to Charleston, where he began getting exposure to different types of music. Growing up his parents always listened to a lot of late ‘70s and ‘80s rock music, as well as old country music.

Meghan Linsey formed steel Magnolia in 2009 with her boyfriend Joshua Scott Jones. Linsey was a host at a Nashville karaoke bar, which is where she met Jones. Later in 2009, Steel Magnolia won season two of the television talent show Can You Duet. After winning the show, the duo signed a recording contract with Big Machine Records and released its debut single “Keep On Lovin You’” in August 2009. It debuted as Number 58 on the Billboard country charts and later became a top five hit on that chart. In 2010, the duo received its first Academy of Country Music Awards nomination for the 2010 Top New Vocal Duo.

In September 2011, Joshua Scott Jones made a public announcement that he was going into drug rehab. While he was away, James Otto stepped up to go on tour so that Steel Magnolia could continue as a duet. After rehabilitation, Jones and Linsey decided to break their engagement but continued on as a music duo. In 2013, Steel Magnolia split and Jones released a solo song entitled “Honk If You’re Tonky.” On March 3, 2014, Jones and Linsey made an announcement on Facebook that they were going to pursue solo careers.

Jones writes simply when inspiration hits him. Before he got clean, he would turn to drugs just to get through a season for his songwriting. His first solo album was entitled The Healing and was released June 3, 2014. It can be purchased on iTunes.

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