The Texan band is proving that when it comes to country music, it really is bigger and better in Texas.

Josh Abbott Band has quickly gained national recognition since forming in 2006. Josh Abbott, a Texas Tech University student and Phi Delta Theta fraternity member, was just a thesis away from his masters degree and letting go of his music dream. Abbott went against the wise phrase “stay in school” and put his education on hold to form the band with his fraternity brothers. After an array of member changes and roadblocks to fame, the Josh Abbott Band is now in the national spotlight with members Josh Abbott (vocals, guitar), Preston Wait (fiddle, guitar), Edward Villanueva (drums), James Hertless (bass), Caleb Keeter (guitar), and Austin Davis (banjo).

The sextuplet first became nationally recognized after the release of their album, She’s Like Texas, in 2010. It reached the top country album charts and launched them into their first sold-out show at the Billy Bob’s Texas – The World’s Largest Honky Tonk. From there, they released Small Town Family Dream that featured old ties to Texas and fraternity brothers. In early August 2015, the single “Amnesia” was released, giving fans something to listen to while eagerly awaiting for the rest of the album Front Row Seat to be released later in the month.

The success of Josh Abbott Band can be attributed to their ability to unite old country tradition with the modernized genre that it has become – a feat that so many bands attempt. However, their talent with classic country instruments such as the fiddle and banjo gracefully mesh with Abbott’s contemporary voice and the engaging lyrics that ties everything together, creating a unique sound that puts them ahead in the country music scene.

Keep your eyes out on the music charts as Front Row Seat gains momentum towards those top spots.

For more information about Josh Abbott Band and their current tour, check out their website below.

Josh Abbott Band
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