Triple-threat Texan, Abi Ann, has been around the block a few times, and the doors she’s been knocking on are about to open.

The title of Abi Ann‘s recently released EP is the same as her age: 17. Her music has been heavily influenced by pop, with Taylor Swift, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Carrie Underwood, and Shania Twain as her main role models. The music she crafts from her pop influence fits well with her smooth and confident voice.

Abi Ann is from Midland, Texas, where she learned to sing, act, and play music at a young age. Her resume is lengthy and includes tours with Jesse McCartney and IM5. She traveled with JNFEs’ No Bully National Tour to raise awareness about bullying. The road warrior from Texas has also been to over 40 countries. The list of awards Abi has earned is just as lengthy, including 2014’s Favorite Country Artist and Artist of the Year, across all genres, through the Indie Music Channel.

She’s also an accomplished actress with appearances in movies including Someone I Used to Know, Txt, and Wish Wizard. That may be what makes her latest music video titled “Future Ex-Boyfriend” so successful. It’s a  great example of both her singing and acting that combine to tell an entertaining story.

There is only one question remaining about Abi Ann: Is her heart in music? Musicians often sing because it’s the medium that they can best communicate their feelings through. Abi already appears to be an expert at presenting herself, which may be what makes her an excellent actress. She could use her emergent music career as a stepping stone to the bright lights of Hollywood. Given Abi’s raw talent and previous experience, Abi is just as likely to arrive at the Oscars or the Emmys one day as the CMAs or the Grammys.

Abi Ann has punched her ticket to stardom, and only time will tell which stop she’s getting off at.

Abi Ann
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