Southern Style contains a steady stream of feel-good jams that sees Rucker at the top of his game.

Darius Rucker‘s aptly named album, Southern Style released on Capital Records Nashville, describes the laid back life on the beaches of Charleston, South Carolina. He paints a picture of his hometown with a stream of unifying songs. The album is successful as a whole because it seem like one long story from an older relative, a story you enjoy hearing even if you’ve heard it before. The album opens with radio hit “Homegrown Honey,” the crossover opener that gives Rucker the credibility to share such a personal story.

DariusRucker-SouthernStyle-AlbumArtworkAfter Rucker introduces himself with the opener, he takes the audience through a steady gantlet of country ballads. He hits his stride with clever lyrics that don’t steal the show. “Perfect” is a catchy love song where Rucker emulates a troubadour more than a former rocker turned country star. He hits his stride with “Me, You, and My Guitar,” an upbeat song that demonstrates Rucker’s skill set as a jack of all trades. From there, the rest of the songs take you through the album and paint a picture of a life lived in Charleston.

Rucker has one of the best voices in country and is one of the most consistent musicians around. The combination of talent and consistency paired up with simple, yet catchy progressions and equally successful songwriting made the album a sure-fire triumph. Southern Style appears to be Rucker’s statement that Charleston is a first-rate city with a first-rate musician as its top spokesperson who is helping the city maintain its distinct musical identity. He’s clearly in no rush to leave Charleston or the spotlight, and should be there for the foreseeable future.

So sit back, relax, and go enjoy some Southern Style.

Homegrown Honey

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