Amelia Presley gives listeners a taste of her talents as an artist in her first album, No Pony Ride, and leaves them in anticipation for what’s next in her career.

Amelia Presley makes a strong step onto the country music stage through her original Southern voice and powerful lyrics. The 10 songs featured on the album draw attention to her ability to connect with her audience through her deep and passionate lyrics. Songs featured on the album are reminiscent of a lullaby a mother would sing, that is if she was an up and coming country singer with a hearty twang.

Presley was born into a family of talent; her cousin is Elvis Presley. She has worked hard to get where she is today. With having written nearly 100 songs and a life dedicated to the Coast Guard, Presley has been pursuing a career in music heavily for the past few years.

She was first stationed in New Orleans where she recorded her first song, “Silver Tongue.” In 2013, after being stationed in Wachapreague, Virginia, Presley competently dedicated herself to her lifelong dream of becoming a country music singer and songwriter. Presley even sold her horse to afford to record the album, honoring that horse in the title: No Pony to Ride.

Some of her most striking songs were “Daddy’s Devil,” “Liquid Coffin,” and “Gibson Man.” Presley absorbs her audience in her song and story. Her ability to passionately tell these tales resemble that of a bedtime song. The lyrics mashed with her unique voice make this album a great foundation for a start to her career while giving early fans a treat.

She proves herself to be a musical poet with lyrics such as, “pour myself into a liquid coffin, times with you are long forgotten” and “he held a gun up to her head, she wore a smile and then she said, ‘I’m already dead’.” As a lyricist, Presley threads words beautifully together. As a singer, she is authoritative and controlling. Together, Presley presents a raw album.

Presley is currently in the works of recording a second album. For updates check out her Facebook page.

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