Stephen Chadwick gives his listeners a mix of genuine love songs and upbeat dancing music in their latest album, Let’s Do This Thing.

Stephen Chadwick leaves his fans craving for more genuine country music. Beer bottles clanking with old friends at a barnyard dance party is the atmosphere the listener tastes throughout the album. The songs can be mistaken for a live show, and this band’s rare ability to make recordings come alive is no surprise considering Chadwick’s history of talented and dynamic performances.

Chadwick has been singing on stage since the age of five when he began his life in the spotlight performing alongside his father. His professional career began at just 12 years old. In 1998, he formed his own band and was opening for major artists such as John Anderson, Chris Ledoux, Ray Price, Darrel Worley, Earl Thomas Conley, and John Conlee.

It was with the band, Stephen Chadwick and the Tonk Machine, where Chadwick released his first album, Nashville Texas, and gained attention as an artist. After some time, the band dispersed and Chadwick formed a new band grounded in “true country.” With an array of covers and originals, the band has performed at the country industry showcase, 12th & Porter, and is continuing to write songs and perform in support of their new album.

StephenChadwick-LetsDoThisThing-AlbumArtworkChadwick’s experience on stage has given unique life to his songs. Let’s Do This Thing has reaches audiences at an individual level despite the fact that the music was recorded in a studio miles away. The live feeling makes this album enjoyable to any “true” country fan. What was most striking was the role the instruments played in each song. With stringed instruments, each band member’s musical talents made this album beat with life, making the audience feel as if they were at a live show.

Some of the most passionate and enjoyable songs that are featured on the album include “I’ll Drink to That,” “She Just Might be a Love Song,” and “Let’s Do This Thing.” If you are looking for a song to dance to or a song to tie your heart up, this album delivers both. Just beware that after listening you will have to come back to reality and you will be unsatisfied… unsatisfied that you’re not at a country concert or sipping on a beer that is.

For more information about Stephen Chadwick, his upcoming tours, and his album Let’s Do This Thing (Stag Records – 2014), check out his website.

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