Crazy Things will remind you of the classic sound country music had in the 70’s and early 80’s.

Duane Rutter showcases his vocal talent throughout the album. His voice is smooth like the slide guitar and deep like the bass that accompanies him. The only thing that takes away from the strength of the tracks is the intro and transition between songs. Instead of a clean fade in and out, there are several chaotic transitions, as if the band was just jamming between songs.

There is a look you get when you’ve got something your mind” are the first lyrics Rutter sings on “Don’t Forget.” The track sets the album’s tone for the listener. Crazy Things is a heavy album. Duane sings of the difficulty of relationships, the ups and downs, and how they seem to end.

DuaneRutter-CrazyThings-AlbumArtwork“Will I Ever Learn” is the second track and a marked uptick in tempo. Contrasting things like storms, not being afraid of a tornado or deserts, not being afraid of the sun, Rutter sings how no matter what comes his way he is not afraid because he has that special person in his life. The drums spend most of the song keeping time with the high hat, and your feet match the pace. The slide guitar will surely make someone move their hips to match. “Will I Ever Learn” is just the song a to which a couple would dance.

Track six, “We Find Ourselves At Last,” is the track where the fade in really works. We hear crickets and a slight breeze in the background. An acoustic guitar and then Duane’s voice. The lyrics reflect advice his mom gave him, “All things must pass, in time we find ourselves at last.” The lack of any other instruments during this song gives the listener the feeling of being around a campfire, having a private audience with Rutter.

If you have a soul, the “I Ain’t No Good” may haunt you. A universal concept, all people have a moment when we feel no good at some point in our lives. Rutter sings the lyric, “I ain’t no ones little darlin’ ain’t no ones candy heart.” This may not be a song you want to listen to around Valentine’s Day if you are single and wish you were not. His voice and accompaniment of musicians will strike a cord in you. If you are in a relationship, you will be glad someone sees past your flaws and is in your arms.

Despite the fade in and outs that don’t connect the tracks, this is a solid album. Crazy Things proves the path Duane Rutter has taken and his ability to express it was not so crazy after all.

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